Wednesday, October 19, 2011


I saw these on a website and had to make them too. :) all you need is a pack of oreos, lollipop sticks, white chocolate wafers and some eyes.

For some reason, these eyes are hard to find!!! I went to my go to supply store in Buena Park, Calico Cake Shop, but they ran out. Then I went to my back up store ABC Cake Shop in Orange but they didn't even have any. All they had were the Wilton monster eyes, which are too big. So on the way to dropping off my BF at the airport, I found this other cake shop called Gloria's in Culver City. and I found these

perfect!! I used 6" lollipop sticks and stuck them into the oreos.

Then dip the cookies into the melted white chocolate. The chocolate that I got (Wilton's wafers) was not too smooth when I melted it to dip (the cookies kept falling apart off the stick) so instead of dipping, I scooped the chocolate into a piping bag and directly piped the ribbons of chocolate onto the cookie. But first, use some melted chocolate to stick two eyes onto the oreo. Then start piping..

It's easy!

Hhahaha! I love it! You can also bag them up to give away!! I found a use for this spool of orange ribbon that I bought for a friend's bridal shower! :)


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