Sunday, October 2, 2011

Hello Kitty cake pops

I've been making cake pops...lots of round cake pops. I've been wanting to start making shaped cake pop, but haven't gotten around to it. Last week my sister's friend asked me if I could make Hello Kitty cake pops. Sure, I can most certainly try!!! So this is my attempt. Not too successful, a bit frustrating at the failure, a few lessons learned, but definitely great practice for perfect Kitty cake pops next time! :D

I used red velvet for the cake, as requested..throw the baked cake into the mixer with a bit of frosting,

then shape into Hello Kitty's head, a semi oval shape:

Then you're supposed to stick the sticks in the head (dip stick in some melted chocolate first), then stick on the ears, but I put on the ears first as the heads were still laying on the cookie sheet. Mistake one-this gave me a skewed perception and made me stick the ears on closer to the forehead than on top of the head.

Mistake number two, I used chocolate chips for the ears, but use white chocolate chips. When you dip it in white chocolate, you can see the regular chocolate chips. White blends much better.

Here are some things you need for decorating Kitty:
Yellow rainbow chips for her nose,

mini Red M&M's for the center of the bows,

large Red hearts for the bows,

and an edible pen to draw on the eyes and whiskers,

However, the Wilton pen did not work very well and refused to draw on my chocolate. ugh. It's not a Hello Kitty without her face!! I definitely have to find a better edible pen.

Here is the end product!


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