Sunday, August 19, 2012

Skip Hop Owl baby shower

A girl I knew from back when messaged me about making cake pops for her friend's baby shower. I think I met her in Chinese School. Yes those dreadful Saturdays learning Chinese early in the morning-I resented my parents for that, but I wish I had paid attention now. haha. But I met a lot of people there. And it's nice to get back in touch and find out how people are doing...everyone's all grown up and having kids!! It's crazy. So she told me that the theme was the Skip Hop Owl, which I knew, but actually didn't know there was a pink version. So she wanted cake pops of the owl.

I had fun making these. Though a bit frustrating in the beginning, because I had to try a few different techniques to try to get them to look the way I liked. It got easier when I figured it out at the end. I used fondant for the two colored eyes, then melted chocolate and piped the ears, eyes, nose and feet. Here's the picture of the skip hop owl:

What do you think? :)

Then I also made some mini red velvet cupcakes with pink and silver sprinkles (the color theme)!

I hope the baby shower went well!! :D

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