Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Baking and taking pictures

So I have an obessession with baking/dessert blogs, dessert wesbites..I go through dessert tables, I read the recipes, then I look for other recipes and compare them to each other..if I'm stranded on an island, as long as I have a computer and wifi, I'll be a happy camper (haha..I guess that's not really likely, kind of beats the idea of stranded on an island eh?) That's on of the ways I look for new recipes. As I mentioned before, I'll look at the ingredients, but a lot of the times, I decide on a recipe by looking at the photos. The prettier they are, the more I am inclined to use the recipe. It's like me at the grocery store. I'm not sure how to pick good fruit, I just pick the best looking ones. Perhaps I discriminate against the uglies, but can you blame me? I want my baked goods to turn out pretty too! :)

Sometimes things look so yummy that I instantly start to drool. Now that's a great photograph if a photo evokes that kind of response from a person. Or perhaps I'm just a piggy. Well, that too. ahha. So then I wish I had the skills to take pictures of my baking that way. I already own a Nike D40, that I've had for a few years, but I only have a zoom lense and the 18-55mm standard lense that came with the camera. I've been shooting with that lense, but it's not really a macro lense (which ironically are called Nikkor micro lense..for macro shots. oh why do they have to make everything so complicated?!) I'm no teckkie by any means, far from it. My pea brain can not comprehend/retain all that information that goes along with photography and aperature and shutter speed.. ) reading through all the blogs, I think I'll need to get a fixed lense, like a 50mm to take photos of my baking..and perhaps a food set designer class..what are those people called? They lay out the food and make it pretty and take pictures for books, blogs etc. What a job! :)

Sometimes I do get lazy and I'll use my Iphone to post pictures, but the dont' come out so nice on the blog. Other times I'll forget. Oops. I really need to be more deligent about that, because it looks like crap!! :O But know that I'm trying..and hoping to get better..so be patient! :) Thank you for those that have been keeping up with the blog and supporting me in this little endeavour. It's quite fun! :D

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