Saturday, July 28, 2012

Hello Kitty!

My friend's sister's kid's first birthday was today. I was asked to make the hello Kitty cake that I had posted in May, that I made for my friend's birthday. But instead of a red bow, she wanted a pink bow. No problem! :)

Since the cake is not too big, additional cupcakes were needed for the rest of the guests. So I found these Hello Kitty rings as the toppers for the red velvet cupcakes. Since Hello Kitty is white, and her bow was pink, I tinted the cream cheese frosting so that Hello Kitty didn't blend in with her background. This is actually the first time I've ever tinted cream cheese frosting but, it looks nice! :)

I never understood Hello Kitty when I was younger. I actually preferred her friends (Kerokerokeroppi or little Twin Star..or that angry black bird...that didn't sound right..but it's the truth..or choco cat...was she a friend? i forgot.. haaha) but for some reason, I think she's so cute, despite me being older. Weird..Happy first Birthday Rylee!! Hope you enjoyed your cake and birthday! :)

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