Sunday, July 22, 2012

50th Birthday Party

My neighbor contacted me for some desserts for her sister's 50th Birthday party for this weekend. I had made some cake pops for our community xmas party last year and had met her then. I always get nervous about baking for someone new. I'm extremely critical of myself..besides the fact that I'm a perfectionist. She wanted a whole slew of things, and I was excited to make them! :).

Yellow cake cake pops. She saw the ones I made for the bridal shower and wanted it like that, except the theme was yellow and white with gold..if you can't tell from the all the desserts. :)

Chocolate dipped marshmallows

Chocolate dipped oreos

Meringue cookies with yellow coloring. I've never made these or had these before, but they're simple to make, just sugar and egg whites. :) I just hate them because they take a looonnggg time to make..will be blogging about the recipe in a separate blog :)

Chocolate dipped pretzel rods

Vanilla butter cookies, royal icing and fondant numbers!

Panna cotta. I love panna cotta. I later added pineapple chunks on top to fit the color scheme and a white fondant flower.

I guess half the things I didn't really have to bake, but still fun to make. :)

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