Saturday, July 28, 2012

Erika and Taka's baby shower

My friend's friend's family has big huge Christmas parties every year....even though I wanted to, I never made it to any of these parties, but would hear about them so much. The food, the drinks, the house...this year, it was today, as a joint baby shower/last soriee before the baby party..and I couldn't wait to go!! Finally, the infamous M Family party..!! I was asked to bake some cupcakes and the design was left up to me. She just had a lemon yellow theme. Let me tell you, this chick is so crafty. No joke. She sews, she knits, she crochets, she draws, she uses Illustrator and designs her own invitations and signs..basically everything that I imagine that I could do I my head..but can't. Haha. So she designed her own invitations with a lemon..really cute. So for the cupcakes, I used yellow and white. I was going to use lemons and such, but decided to go ahead with a more baby shower theme. I used my cricut for a few of the cut outs, the rattle, the bottle and the onesie, but everything else, I did on my own. I guess it would be helpful to get a baby themed Cricut cartridge eh? :) haha. I love using fondant. It's like playdoh. easy to work with and makes everything look so nice.

Needless to say, the party was AH-mazeballs. Yes they lived in Anaheim HILLS, not ghetto Anaheim where I live. These houses are places where I can only imagine I'd end up one day. But not likely. Haha. Super huge and such a nice and quiet neighborhood. The food was awesome, beef short ribs, chicken rice, pork ribs, chicken, a whole bunch of other stuff..yummmmm mmmm...her parents made delicious. Her parents were so gracious, and so fun and social..I love parents like that! Her mom even showed me her crafts room!!! :) love. I wish I took pictures of all the little details this girl did all her self, but I failed. :P Congrats Erika and Taka!! Thanks for having me over!! :D

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