Thursday, December 15, 2011

Peppermint Bark

Let the baking, making begin! I'm having a dessert party this Sunday (instead of a full blown Christmas party that I have every year..) and I have a whole list of things I want to make! This gives me a opportunity to bake, and have people eat it!! :)

First up, peppermint bark! a treat that is seen everywhere! I'd thought I'd make some myself!

I bought some candy canes, and stuck them in a plastic bag. I actually looked up on the internet the best method to crush candy canes and this was it!
Then I whacked it with a rolling pin. :)

Instead of spreading out the chocolate to make "bark" and breaking them up later, I wanted to use my brownie mold to make small squared "bark." So I melted the white chocolate and put it on the bottom.

Then, I melted the milk chocolate and poured it over the top after the white chocolate hardened. Then, sprinkle the top with crushed candy canes before the chocolate dries.

I love the silicon molds because stuff like this pops out easily! Easy to make treat!!

Enjoy!! :)

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