Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas Cake pops!

I had a community Christmas party last week and I knew I wanted to make cake pops. So here they are!! I had the plan to make reindeer cake pops, christmas hat cake pops, christmas tree cake pops and snowman cake pops.

I didn't get a chance to make the reindeer ones because when I started to make the pops, I realized I didn't have any chocolate candy melts. Oops. I started with the Christmas Tree ones. Bake your cake, mix it with some frosting then roll them into little cone shapes. Dip it into melted green chocolate and before the chocolate dries, I stuck on mini mini colored kisses sprinkles and a flower sprinkle for the stars.

Here are my tree cake pops!

For my snowmen cake pops, I rolled the heads into balls and coated it in melted white chocolate. Before the chocolate dries, I stuck on the orange candy coated sunflower seed for the nose. I used black non pareils for the eyes and mouth. It gets tedious because it's so small, but I just used my fingers. A tweezer might make it easier. Then two red regular MnM's for the ear muffs and a strand of Twizzlers pull and peel candy. You have to move pretty quick to stick everything on before the chocolate dries!

And then I got tired because decorating the previous cake pops took so long, so I made some regular ball ones and just coated them with white chocolate. I had found this bottle of gingerbread boys sprinkles at the craft store and just stuck one on each. easy!

Sad that Rudolph and his friends ("friends?") didn't have a chance. oh well, perhaps next batch?? :) Enjoy!

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