Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Eye balls cake pops!

I love the people at my dentist office. I had an appointment today for teeth cleaning and wanted to bring them something. Since it's Halloween, eye balls cake pops it is!! :) it's easy. bake your cake, and roll them into balls. I chose red velvet because I want it to look "bloody" when you bit into the pop. hahah. Then I took green chocolate disc and after I dipped the pop in white chocolate, I stuck the disc on before it dried. Like this:

Then I used a edible black pen and drew on the black circle on the green disc. Then I used some melted chocolate to stick the small white confetti on to the black circle for the eye. Then I used melted red chocolate to drizzle over the white part of the eye as the veins. It would have saved aLOT of time if I had a red edible pen. But I couldn't find one. It still turned out pretty funny. funny cute. hahaha

Then I stuck them in these tins I found at Target for a buck each. Pretty useful!

sorry, in the picture you can't really see the tin itself. Hope you guys all had a safe and happy Halloween!!!

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