Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Kwok baby shower!

So it's very exciting when your friends start getting married. And it gets more exciting when they become preggers and have babies! I love watching us all grow up and get married and start having our own families..well, actually. I still like to think of myself as a kid. :) Last Labor day, I was a bridesmaid in the wedding of a dear friend..and this Labor day, she's expecting and due 11.11! I couldn't be more excited for her dragon baby and even more excited that she allowed me to bake for her shower!

Her shower had a penguin theme and a lavender and a hint of yellow color scheme (yes I told her that reminded me of the Lakers too but she didn't mind, since she LOVES the Lakers anyways..haha). Here's her invitation:

Isn't it adorable?

She requested a dessert bar and her bestie did an awesome job of making the signs, getting those huge round balloons, [which I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE..but BF refused to let me take it home, calling me a hoarder :(] and getting the purple/lavender candies.

The frosted bags with custom tags to stuff the goodies in..

I made:

Double chocolate chip pecan cookies, Snickerdoodle cookies.
(sorry photos not available!!! hopefully will get them from someone :D)

Vanilla butter cookies,

I always have in my head decorating these cookies all pretty with 20 different colors of icing, like I see on the internet. When it comes down to it, it just seems like so much work mixing and getting the right consistency and coloring and have 20 different bags of icing all over the place (as if I don't already make enough of a mess baking)..so I've been ending up decorating them with fondant. It's so much easier to me, than trying to hold my hand steady to pipe all those lines and colors onto a little cookie. I wish..maybe one day...I dream to acheive. :)

.. and red velvet penguin pops.

yes, at first glance it looks like a monkey, but look closely!! :) I was trying to make them look like the penguins from the invitations. I shaped them into ovals, dipped them into a custom mix of white and purple candy melts to achieve the lavender color...I piped royal icing for the tummy, fondant feet and nose, black royal icing for the eyes and piped more lavender chocolate for the flappers. or flippers. wings? hands? What do you call those on penguins!?

This is the entire candy/dessert buffet table. The bestie also ordered some personalized M n M's with the penguins printed on them as well as "mommy astra" and "daddy william." It was too cute.

I wish them both the best and can't wait to meet baby!! so so excited!!! :D

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