Sunday, September 25, 2011

Starting it up! I am, attempting to blog again. I used to do it, when I went on trips to keep my friends updated, or just about random stuff..but that was a couple of years ago. Recently I've had a lot of time on my hands and have been trying to pick up my baking. I am a PO, but my real passion is baking. I have a huge sweet tooth and my baking came from just that-to satisfy my own cravings. Now it's become to find the best recipes, to perfect them and to make them cute and fun. Well...I've only really started baking, my I have it so much bigger in my head..does that make any sense. In any case, my neighbor suggested that I started a baking blog, to share my adventures and get some feedback. It kind of reminded me of that movie "Julie and Julia" where this chick Julie in present day gets Julia Child's cookbook and cooks every recipe from it from beginning to end, and blogs about it. Well, I guess this is my interpretation. But with baking. And not from one specific cookbook, but in search of different recipes that turn out the best. I recently bought Martha Stewart's cupcake book and was going to go through that, but the few recipes I've tried, they've only been okay, so I've nixed the baking through an entire cook book idea. I hope you all enjoy, I also love to share and get feedback, so whomever is near, come by and TASTE!! Thanks Jerome for this idea :D come over anytime for a treat!!

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  1. Can I eat simons leftovers??